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Interior Design Trends of 2018

Continuous globalization, space optimization, fashion trends, self-branding and total lack of time is hardly a complete list of things that surround us every day. It is therefore not surprising that home, as a place where time stops and where you always want to return, despite everything, is of enormous significance for any person. And interior was, is and will remain the most important thing in the house.


What interior trends are we going to see in 2018?

First of all, the house comprises people who live in it. So, it is not surprising that this season designers massively individualize space, trying to best express the identity of its owner. Personalization can be traced in the most amazing stylistic mixes. Designers are allowed everything, as long as the space reflects passions, desires and emotions of the owner. And this is not only about the inner self of the owner, but also about the revolution of social networks. It is no secret that nowadays dwelling carries out one more function: it is a showroom of the owner’s life and daily routine. Therefore, it should allow photos of its inhabitants, made in this interior, collect the maximum number of likes and new followers.


However, that is the least of it. The problem of arranging technical innovations in the apartment (household appliances with wi-fi, electronic feeders for pets, domestic robots etc.) is also quite acute. Until quite recently, lighting control over a smartphone seemed to be a joke, but today it is reality that helps to live comfortably and qualitatively. So, you can safely say that this will be one of the leading trends in the design of housing for the next  few years.


Of course, trends at times can be changeable and unpredictable. However, in 2018 some should be followed without fail. One of them is the simplicity of geometric shapes, clear lines and expensive natural materials in decoration of the room. It is all about fabric wallpaper, leather, marble, garnet, onyx and fine wood. At the same time, metal, such as chrome, silver, copper, gilding and brass, filling the space with sunlight, will not lose its relevance.


And what about styles? Of course, designers from around the world determine the most recent trends of their work in 2018, which include high-tech, minimalism, 


Scandinavian, Mexican, boho, retro and their most striking combinations. The idea of a “specially designed interior” gives way to a chaotic design of premises.

In detail, it should be noted that among the colors the leaders are sunny yellow, lemon or mustard (reflected in bright details such as a coffee table, poster or textile); rich green, natural shades of avocado or sage, which radiate health and naturalness; shades of blue, especially the color called “In the Moment”, a mixture of blue, green and grey which, with its coolness and serenity, has a chance to fill the interiors this year; and of course black – one of the most stylish and dramatic colors, which can make any interior refined, restrained or even sexy.

Another relevant trend is increasing complexity of wall architecture. Walls are decorated with upholstery, cornices, stucco, fabric panels, paintings, photos and posters. In addition, the principle of “the greater the number and size, the better” really works. In terms of lighting, in 2018 it must necessarily be “Milk Glass“, that is, matt glass used in retro-lamps, which have clean lines and fresh and clear forms.


There is also a new growing trend in the interior design – local resources. Modern and educated people want to spend money on local manufacturers and the national economy, and therefore designers are looking for an alternative to global brands by working with local designers and allowing them not only to work, but also be competitive producers.

In order to relieve stress and cheer up the residents, for the second year in a row designers have been using tropical house plants in home decor. And that seems to be quite natural because even psychologists claim that staying next to such a decor if not completely neutralizes stress, then at least significantly minimizes its impact on people.

But probably the most posh element of truly stylish dwelling in 2018 is a luxurious bathroom. Transformation of this room into a real home spa has become really trendy and incredibly attractive in terms of comfort of residents of such a home. And it is of no great importance what metal you use, whether it is copper or chrome steel, the main thing is that it should look gorgeous – as a true work of art.

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