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The next time you look for a car, flip through a fashion catalog, or shop for clothing online, the pictures you see might not be photography but rather pixels arranged by a good artist on a computer.

The way of marketing products these days have changed drastically. Computer generated imagery (CGI) the trend now! This technique has been proven successful by IKEA. The company has saved a lot of money after they have decided to shift to 25% of their illustrations to this new technology instead of doing the usual studio set ups and photography. IKEA is just one in the long list of businesses realizing the benefits of using computer generated imagery, both in terms of savings and creativity.

The car industry has adopted this technology as well. For a decade now, CGI is being offered to major automakers. Photography studios have expanded into 3D image services and according to them, the numbers have flipped tremendously.

Artists would commonly create photo realistic images of cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.

What are the cost and creative benefits of using CGI for advertising?

Going Beyond What is Real
You are taking a photo of a car against a brick wall that is not long enough. This is not a problem with CGI. Artists can edit or recreate the landscaping to suit your preference.

Forget About Location Restrictions
Taking photos of a car against a mountain backdrop will cost you a lot of money. Now, we can send one photographer to any area to take a picture of the landscape and get the perfect lightning. The car can then be digitally placed in that setting even at the studio.

Weather Is No Longer An Issue
If you are not satisfied with how the sky or lightning looks in you ad, it can be changed right away. Rain or snow can be added and lightning of the sun can be adjusted, all upon request.

Goodbye Expensive Prototype
A car company can market a concept vehicle even without making it. This allows them to change some details anytime they want and will save time and millions of money.

While most studios that offer CGI are now focused on print works or brochures, the possibilities for this technology are limitless. For sure, more other applications will be explored and there will be more growth areas in the months and years to come.

For now, helping businesses bring a present a product to the market pre manufacture and make adjustments on the final appearance to your liking are more than enough to say that CGI is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries in the field of advertising.

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