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Cigar Case

This luxury Cigar Сase is a perfect present for a cigar lover. Curve and metal coverings and the variety of colors will help you to find the one that will fit the future owner.

Coffee Grinder

The Coffee Grinder is an indispensable thing for a modern kitchen nowadays. The combination of materials and the pleasantness to the touch makes this one to be a perfect one for those who enjoys home comfort and a perfect aroma of fresh coffee.


The Sculpture/Portrait was made specially for a customer, taking a photo as a basis. Our goal was to create the stunning impression, to create the one we would be really proud of. And it was a success.


These wireless Bluetooth Earphones were designed to be able to wire each piece with a string to prevent users from losing the earphones when removed from ears. It is safe to use them by linking each piece with a hooked string when doing in-door and out-door activities.

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